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Cologne is one of the largest and most diverse cities in Germany and with world-renowned museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, hotels, cafés and much more, there is something for every visitor to enjoy. With a life-affirming attitude and a rich art and cultural history, here are 11 reasons why Cologne could be the coolest city in Germany. Cologne is a mixture of old buildings and alleys, many of which have been restored to their original form. This is a great opportunity to recreate some of the oldest buildings in the alleyway of Cologne.

Colonia, which means "colony" in Latin, was founded by the Romans and Cologne was the capital of the year 50 AD. Today Cologne is known as Cologne in English and Cologne in German. Cologne, one of the oldest and largest churches in Germany, has one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, which houses the largest collection of ancient church relics in the world and the oldest church in Germany. It soon earned the nickname "Holy Cologne" and today houses many relics from the Cologne church.

Cologne is located in the north of the German Plain, where the Rhine flows into it, and borders on neighbouring cities such as Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and St. Pauli. Cologne is not only the historical and economic capital of the Rhineland, but also the cultural centre of the Rhineland. Many of Germany's most important cultural centres and institutions are located here, including the University of Cologne, the Kunstmuseum and the University of Cologne, as well as many neighbouring city and city centres, universities and colleges.

The city also hosts the Cologne Comedy Festival, which is considered the largest comedy festival on mainland Europe. Every year, Cologne hosts a cool festival, where you can enjoy and explore the museums in the middle of the night.

Germany is known for its festivals, and Cologne has one of the largest festivals of its kind in the world, the Cologne Oktoberfest. Many cities in Germany have their own festival, with Munich's Oktoberfest being the larger one, but Germany known as Germany's festival.

The beer is named after the Cologne dialect Kolsch and is an integral part of the city's identity. In Cologne there is also the Eau de Cologne, which the Germans call the Kolnischer Wasser.

Whether Altbier from Düsseldorf or Hefeweizen from Bavaria: The locals are proud of their beer. Kolsch is pretty much the only thing you can tap into in Cologne, and every bar, restaurant and brewery will probably only have one. German beer and enjoy the freedom to enjoy it without being guarded by the law, even in the midst of the city's strict anti-beer laws.

The Germans may work hard, but they also play damn hard, and nowhere is that more evident than in Cologne. Cologne, also called cathedral city, has a unique and colourful atmosphere, is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and home to the largest German population in Europe. Its cultural vitality is evidenced by its large network of museums and galleries, which reveal a valuable artistic heritage of all eras and styles. It is a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic feeling that makes Cologne stand out, with a mix of ethnic, religious and cultural groups from all over Europe and even the Middle East.

The people here are social and that is a big part of the culture here, and the city is also home to most international students in Germany and the world. The University of Cologne is a great example of what other parts of Germany are known for. Cologne is home to many students from all over Europe and even from the Middle East and Africa. No other city in Germany experiences such a high cultural diversity as Cologne and its inhabitants.

German festivals and events are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the fun - the love of a part of Germany and its culture. Cologne has great locations, so that you can see different events like the Berlin Film Festival and the Munich Film Festival. During the film festival, you can spend a long weekend in Berlin and enjoy one of the best cinemas in the world or book a holiday in Munich for the world famous Oktoberfest to sample the best beers and sausages from all over the country. Anyone who wants to attend Oktoberfest or the Rosenmontagszug and goes to Berlin, Munich, Cologne or Leipzig knows that hotel prices soar during these events in all major cities.

Like Munich, Cologne is a city that likes to have fun, and the large number of students keeps the city alive and lively. This city is particularly attractive because it hosts many great festivals and events such as the Berlin Film Festival, the Oktoberfest, the Rosenmontagszug and other festivals.

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