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The Cologne Summer Festival, which takes place in July and August, has captured the imagination of guests from all over the world. The Cologne Carnival is the most famous event of the year: around 1.5 million visitors come to the city of Cologne every year for the Carnival, the largest and most popular folk festival in Germany.

Comfortable accommodation in the old town is particularly popular, while the city's business district is also nearby. For many years, business travellers and tourists visiting Cologne, Germany's second largest city and capital, have enjoyed the benefits of AccorHotels for hotels in Cologne. Centrally located hotels in Cologne are also ideal for business travellers. The city's business centre is just a few minutes away, and comfortable accommodation in and around the Old Town is particularly popular during the summer festival season.

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Cologne is relatively compact (Old Town and New Town) and public transport is not really an issue. Centrally located, modern and comfortable, this hotel in Cologne offers great views of the city centre and Heumarkt, where you can enjoy a wide range of dining and shopping options. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I am sure others have been told the same thing about the hotel as I have.

The bed is comfortable and very quiet, surrounded by other hotels and apartments, the air conditioning works and the TV works well. I could easily plug in my iPad to watch a movie in the evening and relax from the day's activities.

Don't pretend you have a room for it every day, stay in this hotel and don't pass by with a vacuum cleaner. When you check out, you cancel your reservation and stay for some time in another hotel in Cologne.

The staff is friendly and helpful and will explain in advance that the rooms are only cleaned once a week for short stays, but it does not matter if it is a short stay. For four of us, it is usually rather annoying to keep the hotel clean every day, so a week is not a good stay for us. It's a real shame, even if you felt welcome, you don't feel welcome here. They take care of emptying the trash can and changing the towels, but the room can get quite dirty and dusty without having a dog and paying 10 euros per day.

We heard a barking in the breakfast room and indeed there was a small white Maltese dog present. Last year we found out that the hotel has become a friendly children's hotel where parents take their children there. Even though most of the children are well trained, there are some who cry every now and then, and there is a lot of noise and noise from the dogs, especially from the little one in our room.

We were looking for a place where a family of four could live together in a single room, and that certainly fits. The living area is reasonable, but in our case we added the single bed in addition to the couch so that we could sleep four. Other hotels in London and Berlin have a proper kitchen, which we have added to our room, as well as a small dining area with table and chairs.

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More About Koln