Koln Germany Hilton Hotel

The Hyatt Regency KAPln is located on the right bank of the Rhine and is one of the best hotels in Cologne. If you're in the city in January, there's the annual Passagen Festival, which showcases design trends in furniture, ceramics and more. During your stay, whether it is 18 years or older , you can enjoy the pubs, bars and clubs that are part of this lively tour.

If you're looking for a foodie escape, Hyatt Regency KAPln has plenty of restaurants and cafes. From art restaurants to bars, your palate can indulge with delicious dishes prepared with fresh local produce. The bars also offer a wide selection of cocktails, something to consider if you want to learn mixology from an expert. If you fancy something more exotic, such as wine, beer or wine and cheese, you'll find it here too.

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More About Koln

More About Koln