Koln Germany Marriott Hotel

This luxury hotel in Cologne offers an ultra-comfortable stay and the Hilton Köln is no exception. You can stay as long as you like while you are in town, be it for a week, a month or even a year. There are many good hotels in and around Cologne So you may find that you do not want to go.

But the adventure doesn't stop on the city's streets, with some of the best hotels in Cologne offering the chance to bring back memories.

All the amenities for a pleasant stay are available, from free Wi-Fi to free internet access and a fully equipped kitchen. Here you can start your morning with a caffeine shot from the Nespresso machine, prepare for the day in the marble bathroom, break the fast and spend your downtime watching TV programmes on satellite while sipping a cup of coffee.

Next to the gym, you will also find a fitness centre with gym, gym and private gym with fitness equipment.

When you book one of the suites, you will enjoy the comfort of your own private room with private bathroom and private shower. If you choose a suite, it has all the extra amenities such as a private pool, private gym, spa and fitness center with fitness equipment.

The hotel offers health and wellness and two saunas open from early morning until late evening. The on-site gym is open 24 hours a day and guests can work out in the private pool or in one of the spa facilities with fitness equipment. In the meantime, you can spend time reading a book, watching a DVD or making new friends in a 24-hour community lounge.

While admiring the panoramic views of the city, you can enjoy regional and international cuisine in the hotel's dining room. Relax in one of the private lounges, while enjoying beautiful views of the city or dine in the restaurant on the second floor.

In the art of restaurant and bar dining, your palate can indulge with delicious dishes made from fresh local produce. The bar also offers a variety of cocktails, something to consider if you want to learn the mixology from an expert.

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Since 2008, many visitors from near and far have been living in the apartment, and for good reason. Top attractions in Cologne include the Old Town and the Old Town, where the historic Heumarkt and Alte Markt markets as well as the city centre are located. Nearby, these are popular places to hang out in the summer. The hotel is located near the cathedral and just a few blocks from St. Peter's Basilica, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cologne.

If you want to make a gourmet flash visit, you will find many restaurants and cafés in the city centre. If you fancy something more exotic, such as a trip to the Old Town or the Old Market, you will find a variety of dishes to whet your appetite.

This is certainly not the most atmospheric spa we have seen so far, but it is nice enough if you just want to relax a little bit. This modern fitness centre means you can get a powerful cardio and strength workout while lifting weights. Here you can swim in the indoor pool, take part in gymnastics classes or get involved in a vigorous workout.

More About Koln

More About Koln