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Makes 9 interesting things in Munich, a recommendable article, and I have a tremendous success. In my recent article "German Shopping in Germany" I wrote about some of the most attractive places in Munich.

Another place worth mentioning is a street of elegant, imposing houses, housing charming shops, boutiques and shopping centres. Here you will find a popular department store chain offering one well-known brand after another.

The Aldi Rewe supermarket (DM) offers a wide range of high-quality clothing and accessories as well as a wide range of food. There are a number of other supermarkets in the area, selling everything from clothing and shoes to electronics and home furniture, food and clothing.

If you like to be in the city, you should not miss out on shopping in Cologne and if you are actually there on the day of your stay, a visit to the Chocolate Museum is worthwhile. Beer is available in all traditional Cologne bars, brands such as Berliner Kindl and Berliner Pilsner are included. After a day in Cologne, a cold brew will refresh you. People also love a good glass of wine or beer or even a bottle of beer from one of the local breweries.

The streets are a good place to look for and taste Bavarian delicacies after a long day of shopping. One of the best shopping areas in Frankfurt is the city centre with its many shops, restaurants and cafés.

The most popular place to shop in Berlin is the Alexa Shopping Center, where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, clothing and other items. If you want to buy Bavarian traditional costume, you don't have to worry about going to other places. One of the best places for mid-priced items in the city center is Ingolstadt Village, 80 km from Munich, with its expensive brands and designer collections in boutiques and on Maximillianstraße. The most common shopping street in Germany is the Galeria Guggenheim, a shopping centre with a large number of shops, restaurants and cafés, and a good location for buying traditional Bavarian clothing.

If you want to enjoy cultural activities in the city, you can find a counter in the KolnMusik Ticket Shop where you can buy tickets for the Cologne Philharmonic.

You can buy normal German beer everywhere, but if you want to buy ice wine as a gift, you should try to be more original and buy a bottle for about 6 euros. Berlin air is also very cheap and actually a great gift for anyone who has a connection to Berlin. In a Berlin candy store you can even personally create an exclusive bar for yourself and your friends! As a souvenir from Germany, you can bring a gift voucher for a trip to Germany for your friend or family member.

This historic shop is heavily geared towards tourists, but you can buy a very nice miniature bottle of Cologne for just 4 euros. If you don't know yet which souvenir to take home from Cologne, try it in a shop like Seventh Heaven.

If you want to buy German jewelry, I advise you to look out for the small shops in the central streets of German cities. Those who like to stroll through the large shopping centers should look at the shops with the best prices and the most interesting products. This small Douglas H.M. Max store is located in the center of Cologne, just a few blocks from the main shopping center. Beer can also be bought in this small beer garden on the second floor of the city centre, right next to a beer garden.

Here the original Cologne brand Farina 1709 is sold, so you can keep your cologne with the greatest confidence, no matter what you are looking for. Located in Glockengasse 4, this is one of the most popular shops in Cologne city centre, just a few blocks from the main shopping centre.

This street offers a diverse shopping experience and is lined with shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and a wide range of clothing and accessories. Located in the centre of Cologne, the street features a number of whale-shaped glass buildings, including one of the most popular shopping streets in the city, Glockengasse 4. This is the most famous shopping street in Cologne city centre, with a variety of shops and restaurants as well as a wide selection of food and drinks.

Shopping in Cologne covers pretty much all bases, but you should not limit yourself to standard plates and magnetic sets. Ask yourself what this city is famous for and you will see the future with sharp eyes.

Anyone thinking of an interesting gift for a friend or relative can also buy some of the famous Cologne water. Cologne Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see during your visit to Cologne.

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