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Cologne has compared itself as the undisputed gay capital of Germany with the gay scene in Berlin for good reason. Cologne, the western part of the country, is ranked first among the "German" cities in the list of the most gay-friendly cities in Germany.

Cologne is on par with Berlin in terms of popularity of the beer scene as one of the most popular destinations in Germany. The original Kolsch beer from Cologne is popular with everyone and can be found in all traditional pubs. This cold brew will surely refresh you after a day in Cologne.

If you are looking for a fabulous but expensive gay outing, Cologne has many options just to travel through Europe with your backpack. Or you just want to spend some time with family and friends in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. If you are thinking of a short break or a well-deserved holiday, then a trip to Cologne is an easy and worthwhile option.

Feel free to submit your idea for a day trip to Cologne, which travellers and visitors should not miss. This one - day trip includes a variety of activities, such as shopping, eating, shopping and shopping. Enjoy your trip, and although it can take more than a day, here are some of the best things to do in Cologne on one of these days.

If you are going to Cologne, here is a packing list for a trip to Cologne. You can dress up like a local and pack for your trip, and if you can, dress up for the weather. We hope that this packing list has helped you to plan your packing trip for Cologne and the rest of Germany.

It is not as big as other German cities, which means that you can see everything that the city has to offer on a 3-day tour to Cologne. If you are interested in a long-term trip to Germany or even just a short trip, your starting point should be Frankfurt.

The city centre is a great place to travel to Europe, especially for those coming from outside Europe. You can fly either from Düsseldorf Airport or Frankfurt Airport, which are easily accessible.

Cologne is relatively easy to visit, but if you are looking for a party in Berlin or Munich, it is important to check your personal visa requirements before travelling. This means that you should check before you plan to visit other parts of Europe. For students and backpackers travelling to Germany alone, Contiki Tours to Europe is also available on its website. Just for your vacation, go to one of the best places we # ve visited, which are listed in our travel guide.

Routing: Cologne is easily accessible by train or car, or you can fly to Cologne Bonn airport and drive from Frankfurt. Cologne has good transport connections with the rest of Europe by train and you have good chances to find a parking space directly in the city center. A day trip from Cologne to Remagen usually takes no longer than 45 minutes, but you may have to drive or fly.

If you are visiting Cologne probably outside of December, I think it would be a good idea to just stop in Cologne. In Europe and Germany you have limited time, so I recommend skipping Cologne, but when you are out in Cologne in December, I think it could be an excellent day trip or even a one-way trip. Read on to learn more about Cologne and other parts of Germany and the rest of Europe.

Below is a list of the best sights in Cologne in 3 days and the good things to do during your visit. Here are some good places to visit during your holiday, and definitely worth visiting - if you are on holiday there.

There are many reasons to visit Cologne, from the history and culture of the city to the great food and entertainment to the great shopping.

From a view of Cologne Cathedral to a stroll through the old town on the banks of the Rhine to a visit to the chocolate museum or a tasting of the local Kolsch beer, there is plenty of fun to spend a nice day with in Cologne. Cologne is Germany's largest and most diverse city to explore, and a city full of culture and history. It consists of many different ethnicities, cultures, religions and religions, all of which have their own traditions and traditions. Since Cologne is a world-renowned museum, there are many museums in and around Cologne and there is always something for visitors, whether it is a museum of art, history, architecture, art history or even a history museum.

Cologne is not the most expensive city in Germany, but there are many good deals, so be careful with your budget. Cologne, Germany is full of fun activities that don't cost a penny and there are many free things to do in your new city. Although Cologne is located in the middle of Germany's largest and most diverse city, the city is relatively affordable if you pay attention to your budget.

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More About Koln